Running jobs and active devices longest running jobs

A submitted test job involves devices being reserved before the job is set to running, so the number of active devices can exceed the number of running jobs. Multinode jobs, in particular, may spend an appreciable amount of time as submitted jobs with reserved devices. Those devices still count as active as these are not available to be assigned to other submitted jobs.

This table gives more detail on how each type of device makes up the total number of active devices and running jobs. Click on the device type to see details of which devices and which jobs are active.

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ID Reserved Running Jobs How often to run health checks Initiate health checks by hours or by jobs.
b2260 24 hours
beaglebone-black 24 hours
cubietruck 24 hours
docker 24 hours
panda 24 hours
qemu 24 hours
qemu-aarch64 24 hours
rk3328-rock64 24 hours
rpi3-b-32 24 hours
rzn1d 24 hours
stm32mp157c-dk2 24 hours
synquacer 24 hours
x86 24 hours